Admiral Makarov National University Of Shipbuilding

Admiral Makarov National University Of Shipbuilding

Institute of international cooperation

The institute of international cooperation is included:

1. Faculty of preparation of foreign citizens:

· preparatory separation. On the preparatory separation foreign citizens in the first semester study the Russian or Ukrainian language on the choice, and objects necessary for the receipt on the first course of university are entered in the second semester.

· dean's office on work with foreign students – is engaged in organization of teaching of students on specialities of university.

    Department scientifically technical collaboration – provides cooperation of subdivisions of University with international scientific and technical and educational organizations, carries out support of international projects, scientific researches exchanges by scientists and specialists.
    News-department – carries out organizational support of educational process reception of foreign delegations and separate citizens, provides the domestic terms of foreign citizens, provides informative support of the measures related to international activity.


In the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding | the citizens of China, Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon | , Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Nigeria and countries of CIS are taught on contractual basis. The amount of persons interested to be taught in our university constantly is multiplied.


An university supports the long-term fruitful collaboration with Universities, scientific and research | establishments and industrial enterprises of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, China, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Iran, Spain, Vietnam and countries of CIS.


Structure of University

In the complement of University enters: Shipbuilding institute, Institute of computers and engineer-technological sciences, Machinebuilding institute, Institute of automation and electrical engineering, Humanitarian institute, Engineering and economical | faculty. The university provides preparation of specialists of high qualification for the different fields of industry: bachelors, master's degrees, graduate students, and also scientists – candidates (PhD) and doctors of sciences.

Shipbuilding institute

Modern ship is one of most | elaborate engineering designs. Thousands of specialists of enterprises and designers organizations work above his creation. A shipbuilding institute prepares specialists not only for shipbuilding, and for contiguous fields of industry.

Directions, specialities and specializations of preparation:

- Ships and oceantechniques

- marine technologies and oceantechniques

- yachting | and small ships.

- Computer-controlled planning of marine transport.

- Technology of shipbuilding, organization and operations management.

· -- International information in marine activities.

Institute of computers and engineer-technological sciences

This institute prepares highly skilled specialists in area of computers technologies for different industries of industry, financial and administrative spheres scientific researches and education.

Directions and specialties of preparation:

Welding:· Technology and equipment of welding.

Engineering material science : Composition and powder-like materials coverage.
Constructing and making of wares from composition materials.

Computers sciences: Informative managers of the system and technology. Automated systems software.

Specific categories: Projects management.

Machinebuilding institute

An institute produces specialists in area of planning, production and exploitation of ship power equipment, and also for contiguous industries of industry.

Directions and specialities of preparation:

Energy:· Ships power plants.

· Turbines.

· H eat-and-power engineering | .

· Refrigeration machines and options.

Machinebuilding :· Combustion engines.

· Technology of Machinebuilding.


· Ecology and environment protection.

Institute of automation and electrical engineering

In the flow of teaching in the Institute of automation and electrical engineering students study fundamental engineering disciplines and also disciplines of professional direction: | electrical appliances and systems, electronic and computers devices methods of development of ship's | electrical engineering equipment and checking systems of ship.

Directions, specialities and specializations of preparation:

Electrical engineering:

· Technique and electrophysics of | high tensions
Electronic systems
Electro mechanics:

· Electric systems and complexes of transports vehicles

· Electro mechanics systems of automation and electric drives

Devices:· Devices of fine mechanics

Computer engineering:· Dedicated computers systems

Computer-controlled systems automation and control:

· Control and automation systems

Informative safety:

· Protection of information with the limited access and its automatic treatment in the computer systems and networks

Humanitarian institute

Carries out preparation of specialists of humanitarian direction for different fields of national economy.

Directions, specialties and specializations of preparation:

Law: · Jurisprudence

Philology: Applied linguistics

Art:· Design

Physical education and sport:· Olympic and professional sport

Engineering and economical faculty

Important basis of career of graduating students are thorough knowledges of bases of economic theory and also specialized fundamental courses: marketing, macroeconomics, microeconomics, equities, informative systems and technologies, financing, exchange activity and other important market sciences.

Directions and specialities of preparation:

Economy and enterprise:

· Economy of enterprise

· Account and audit

· Finances Management:

· Management of organizations

Rules of receipt of foreign citizens on teaching in NUS |

For teaching in the university foreign citizens at first must make off the preparatory separation. Teaching on the preparatory separation lasts 10 months, on ending of teaching foreign citizens go in for an exam and on results get the certificate about ending of preparatory separation on the basis of which have a right to enter any University of Ukraine.

For registration of invitation on teaching, which gives a right for an entrance to the foreign citizen on territory of Ukraine with the purpose of receipt for education in a period from August, 15 till November, 15, it is necessary to appeal by writing mail, by fax or by e-mail to the rector of University with a request about the reception on teaching and to send in the institute of international cooperation of copy of the following documents:

· passport, with pointing of complete address of residence;

· document about absence of AIDS | ;

· document about secondary education.

On arrival in University at itself it is necessary to have legalized in accordance with established procedure Ukraine the following documents:

· questionnaire of standard pattern;

· photocopy of education document with the list of objects and estimations got on educational disciplines ( marks);

· medical certificate which confirms absence of AIDS-infection. In default of certificate a foreigner is under an obligation in good time, at an own expense to pass the medical inspection in the presence of AIDS- | infection at the place of teaching;

· medical certificate about the state of health, notarized by the official organs of country, which a student certifying absence of medical contra-indications for the residence and teaching to Ukraine and given out not later than two months prior to an entrance to Ukraine arrived from;

· photocopy of birth certificate;

· insurance policy on providing of urgent medical care;

· 6 photos of a size 6x4.

At presence of complete set of documents with a foreign citizen a contract consists on teaching.

Foreign citizens which pass teaching in other Universities of Ukraine can be transferred to National University of Shipbuilding. For this purpose, it is necessary to give us such | documents:

- certificate about ending of preparatory separation for foreign students;

- academic certificate;

- writing permission of | the president of another University about the transferring of student on teaching to National University of Shipbuilding.

Listing Details

Teaching staff
>300 (68 doctors of sciences, professors, 256 candidates of science)
Students trained

The Ship Structural Mechanics Department

The Fluid Mechanics Department

The Hull Construction Department

The Maritime Technologies Department

The Ship Theory and Design

The Shipbuilding Technology Department


The Technological Faculty

The Welding Engineering Department

The Department of Design and Production of Products made of Composite Materials

The Materials Science and Technology Department

The Faculty of Computer Science

The Department of Software for Automation System

The Project Management Department

The Information Management Systems and Technologies


The Power Engineering Faculty

The Conditioning and Refrigerating Department

The Marine and Stationary Power Plants Department

The Technical Thermal Physics and Steam-Generating Units Department

The Turbine Department

The Mechanics and Ecology Faculty

The Internal Combustion Engines Department

The Ecology Department

The Marine Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

The Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering Department


The Computer-aided Control Systems Department

The Ship Electrical Equipment and Information Security Department

The Electrical Power Systems Department

The Automatic Control Engineering Department

The Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Electronic Systems Department

The Impulse Processes and Technologies Department

The Marine Instrument Engineering Department


The Department of Theory and History of the State and Law

The Law Department

The Applied Linguistics Department

The Department of Social Studies and Humanities

The Modern Languages Department

The Design Department

The Olympic and Professional Sports Theory Department

The Physical Training and Sport Department


The Faculty of Mobile Technologies

The Theoretical Mechanics Department

The Engineering Graphics Department

The Life Safety and Civil Defense Department

The Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Higher Mathematics Department

The Physics Department

The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies


The Engineerong and Economic Faculty

The Preparotory Faculty


Kyiv Educational and Consulting Centre

Tockmak Educational and Consulting Centre

Yuzhnoukrainsk Distant Learning Centre

Pervomaisk Polytechnic Institute

Feodosia Polytechnic Institute

The Institute of Postgraduate Studies

Directions, specialities and specializations of preparation:

  • Ships and oceantechniques
  • marine technologies and oceantechniques
  • yachting | and small ships.
  • Computer-controlled planning of marine transport.
  • Technology of shipbuilding, organization and operations management.
  • International information in marine activities.
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